Assos Village

Assos Village - Anthemis Living | Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece

On a natural harbor and an isthmus that fixes the Assos Peninsula to the Errisos Peninsula, Assos is an achingly pretty village in a cauldron of towering hills.

As with much of Kefalonia, there’s greenery all around, in the palms by the water or the pines, firs, and cypress trees in the hills.

Assos has a short quay moored with fishing boats and lined with tavernas and cafes, and this gives way to a pebble beach where houses have steps leading right down to the calm, pool-like waters.

On a crag, 170 meters over Assos Bay is a Venetian castle, raised in 1593. The journey up a stone path is by no means easy but at the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the stone lion of St Mark.

Through the gate, you can pick your way through the ruins of the house of the Venetian High Commissioner.