Argostoli Harbor

Argostoli Harbor - Anthemis Living | Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece

If you’re a very early riser try to come to Argostoli’s harbor promenade first thing to watch the sun rise on the other side of the bay.

A few meters from the quayside is a continuous line of palm trees, while the promenade has been paved with monochrome wavelike patterns and is lit at night by old-fashioned gaslights.

You could visit for a restorative stroll after an evening meal.

The harbor bustles with maritime activity in summer, particularly in the mornings when the fishing boats come in.

This is prime time to see loggerhead sea turtles in the water.

If you don’t want your walk to end you can continue up past the marina to Katavothres at the end of the peninsula.